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Retirement Ranches was really good. It's a regular nursing home, and they were really wonderful. My mother stayed there for four days, and she died there. It's a very nice place that was pretty well maintained. The staff was exceptionally caring and helpful. They bent over backwards for my mom moving in there, and basically the day she moved in, she turned for the worst. They were understanding, compassionate, and really did a good job. Her room was not bad, which was for two people. My mom and dad moved in there, and they were in the same room. It was fairly clean and comfortable. The staff was amazing. We had hospice coming in too. They had lots of activities for people to participate in. The food was pretty good and well prepared. 

I was employed at Retirement Ranch. The care there was impressive. I would work there again if asked.

I visited Retirement Ranches in Clovis, New Mexico. The rooms were a bit crowded, but they had a nice visitors’ area for when the families of the residents came to visit. They can go to a room with a large-screen TV, a nice fireplace, and big windows with nice views; that’s what I really liked about it. They have a lot of recliners for the residents. The dining experience was really nice, and the food was good. The staff sounded knowledgeable. They have Bingo and sometimes they sing while somebody plays the piano.

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